Michigan Tech’s long-standing tradition in Baja SAE dates back to the first competition in 1981. Tech pioneered the Winter Baja Invitational and continues to host and organize it annually. The Michigan Tech Blizzard Baja Enterprise is a student-led organization that designs, builds, and tests a single-seat off-road vehicle to compete in a national competition. The team’s students use modern engineering and manufacturing processes to enhance vehicle performance by focusing on reduction of vehicle mass, maximization of drivetrain efficiency, improvement of driver visibility and comfort, and optimization of off-road vehicle handling and maneuverability. Each year, the team designs and builds a completely new vehicle for entrance into one or more of the national SAE Baja events. The team also organizes their own Winter Baja International event in February which brings nearly 20 universities and 50 vehicles to the Upper Peninsula each year. Michigan Tech’s Baja team has a long history of success in SAE competitions. In 2012 Blizzard Baja placed 8th among nearly 100 teams in the Baja SAE Wisconsin event.