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Winter Baja 2016

Winter Baja

This year's Winter Baja will be the biggest and best one yet! Featuring a live stream, live scoreboards in the pits and inside facilities (weather permitting), catered dinner for team members, and the best track to date!

Working with MTU's Sound and Light Services we will be able to live stream the race for those who can't survive the brutal U.P. winters but still want to watch the race. 

We will also be hosting a "miniature career fair" with sponsors who specifically want to meet the motivated members of all the Baja teams. present at the race.

Tentative Track Schedule
7:00am Tech Inspection Start
8:00am Dynamic Event Start
11:00am Dynamic Event Finish
11:00am Tech Inspection Finish
12:00am Race Start
4:00pm Race Finish
4:30pm Awards
5:00pm Banquet Start

Tentative T-Shirt Design


Tentative Track Layout