If you are still interested in supporting us and are interested in some of the perks below, please contact us at or visit the AMS page

Want to donate? Check out our crowd source page at Superior Ideas or MTU AMS to do so!

Packages are separate from our AMS sponsors but include unique perks and Winter Baja promotions
The donation packages found at Superior Ideas are as follows:

Copper Package:
Logo/Name on website, Legacy T-Shirt, Thank you letter

Bronze Package:
Copper package and Logo/Name on the website with a hyperlink, name in website streamer, logo/name in Winter Baja live stream on YouTube, logo/name on 2016 Winter Baja T-Shirt, logo/name on competition banner
Silver Package:
Bronze package and Invite to Sponsor Ride and Drive Day (Date TBD)(you can drive and race our cars), logo/name on the official 2016 competition car, Personal Baja Thank you banner with team picture (4'x4'), Commercial in Winter Baja Live Stream on YouTube.

Gold Package:
Silver package and On-top of the YouTube live stream commercial, a booth will be set up in our heated (accommodates 4-6 people), companies will be able to interact with other teams in the hot pits during the race banners can be hung in the gym and on the race track, you will also be invited to speak at the award cermony